The verdict is that I didn’t need to worry about the binoculars. If you want proof, look at this. Pretty cool, huh? Oh, and just to be clear, the girl with the binoculars is Sarah and the voice you hear is her mom, off-screen.

So the total time to animate that scene was about two weeks, I think. It’s a little frustrating that it takes so long. I mean, it looks good, but two weeks for two seconds? That’ll have me finishing this film in like six years! So yeah, my process needs to speed up a bit.

Here’s a cool bit of news: I’ve been invited to submit Fried Ham to the New York International Childrens Film Festival. Apparently the word is getting out 🙂 It’s not a guaranteed acceptance, but at least they’ll waive the application fee. Now I just need to get around to actually submitting the thing.

One thought on “Invitations

  1. Barbara says:

    That looks very cool. I like the way Sarah’s bow and hair bounce as she lifts the binoculars. Congrats on the invite to the NYICFF Film Festival. So send it off…! (I always thought Fried Ham was the best of your most recent batch of animations — but I suppose it’s at least in part because I remember the childhood verses that went on ad infinitum, and it’s so cool that you wrote and played all the music…)

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