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I’ve created quite a few tools for Flash over the years and I’ve released several of them on this blog.  Here they are for your amusement, with links to downloadable files, Youtube tutorials, and the original blog posts where I introduced them.

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Autosaver Automatically saves your FLA at intervals, keeping several old versions of the file just in case.  
Autotweener Keyframe-based tweening that’ll blow your mind!
Art Brush Apply a symbol as a brushstroke along a path (frickin’ awesome!)
Add Vertices Double the number of vertices in the selected vector art
Classic Tween Sync tools

Two tools: one toggles a classic tween without affecting the “sync” setting, and the other turns off “sync” regardless of the current tween state

Distribute Symbol Along Path Place a symbol repeatedly along a path  
Distribution Tools Distribute symbols to frames or layers  
Ease In 100%, Ease Out 100% Set the current frame to have 100% easing in one or the other direction
Ease In and out Create two classic tweens, one with an ease-in (-100) and an ease-out (+100)
Navigation tools Tools for navigating through the timeline without losing your selection.
Reset transform (imrpoved) Reset a symbol’s transform back to a reference symbol rather than just zero.  
Self-Rendering V-Cam A virtual camera that can render out a Flash movie as a PNG sequence, including actionscript and MovieClips, with frame-perfect, lossless rendering
Set Frame Tools Streamlines the process of setting and modifying the start frames of graphic symbols.  
Zero transform Zero a symbol instance’s transform so it looks the same but its transform is now 100% with no rotation or skew.  

10 thoughts on “Flash Tools

  1. hector says:

    thanks for sharing i would like to get back all the pencil and line atributes that the flash mx has because all the cs flash now , when you try to make a new drawing with the pencil the line thinks that it is commanded by it self and al the ssmoothing stuff, sucks, i wanted just like it was in flash mx, peeaaase! hahahahaha!

  2. mil says:

    Thank you for your hardwork and keep it up. I used the cam but when i zoom in the effects of symbols(blur, etc.) wear out and the original content shows and adobe air does not support 3d transformations. So it’s not realistically usable in my case and i tryed other cam but yours is better. I would like to use the cam if you can please tell me how to get through the first two problems. Also, any hints on how to make flash lag less for complex animations or how to render faster or how get through the glitch that happens when a rendered video(throuh pngs) and make it smooth and professional? Any comment is appreciated and thank you. And I am looking for a computer for easy animation handling and fast rendering around $1,000, any suggestions? Thank you, Mil.

  3. EmilSTT says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these!
    These tools are really useful 🙂

  4. Roy says:

    great tools!
    it doesn’t work on Mac? do you have a Mac’s version for Animate 18?

  5. Eduardo says:

    Hi, I am having problems with the VCam in the Flass CC 2014 e found your site with a very good suggestion. I have downloaded it and opened in my flash. I use an iMac. I copied the layer in my project, but when I press comand enter to render, it gives me some errors and doesn´t work.
    Is is supposed to work just on windows or a different version that I am using!!

  6. Eduardo says:

    Hi, thanks for the quick answer.
    The first error message is when I try to open the camera file. It pops up an attention message that the target version of the SDK of adobe AIR “AdobeAir1_5” is not available. The target will be defined in closest possible version.
    I hit OK and it opens.
    After opening it, If I try to render (comand Enter) it opens the error window with error in some paths like:
    Warning: O caminho de origem “$(AppConfig)/ActionScript 3.0 AIR 1.0/Classes” não resolve para um diretório válido.
    Warning: O caminho de biblioteca “E:\My Documents\David\video\Flash libraries” não resolve para um diretório válido.
    Warning: O caminho de biblioteca “$(AppConfig)/ActionScript 3.0 AIR 1.0/Classes” não resolve para um diretório válido.
    Warning: O caminho de biblioteca “$(AppConfig)/ActionScript 3.0/libs/11.0/textLayout.swc” não resolve para um arquivo válido.

    Hopes that it helps.
    Thanks again.

  7. Rodrigo Torres says:

    Hi, I am having a lot of trouble downloading the Zero Transform Tool onto Animate CC, I don’t know which program to open it too. I’ve tried Animate CC, but the program refuses to open the plugin. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong and I would like some help. Looking forward to your response

  8. Hasif says:

    Im using this tool(copied from cc17) on adobe cc 20 but its not working.. The anticipation and tween appear have error..

    A javascript error occured
    at line 15 of file anticipate 30
    Error runscript argument number 1 is invalid

    • You need to copy several more files. It should fix things if you copy over all the files that end in “.include” from and to the same folders you copied the jsfl files from/to.

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