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  1. Erik Magnusson says:

    Hello, David!

    Just wanted to thank you for the super-cool “Weird Metronome.” It has got to be the most versitile metronome available (once you learn how to calculate where to put the zeros). At least, the best free metronome.

    As a Baptist missionary in Venezuela I am using your program to compose little jingles, to help me memorize Bible verses in Spanish. Some linguistic phrases lend better to certain rhythms, and your metronome is so flexible that I can easily accommodate this natural flow. To date I have about one hundred little songs, and I just record the rough draft acapella with Audacity, and move along till I have time to do some serious mixing.

    For the sake of time, I won’t pass along much feedback and suggestions for improvement, until I find out whether or not you ever intend to polish it and fix a few little bugs. Let me know.

    For now, I would suggest this: including a long list of presets, just to help the user to have a starting point from which to create the rhythm that he is looking for. (e.g. “swing”, “habanera”, “samba”, “bossa nova” etc.) That way he won’t have to sit back and calculate so much where to put the zeros, but he will be able to just modify existing presets.

    Second, an overall-volume control would be nice, separate from the Windows control, like within the interface itself.

    Third, the tempo controller doesn’t like my cursor, and if I click anywhere other than right smack on top of it, the handle tends to jump far away, rather than follow the cursor movement.

    Let me know your plan and I will have more comments in the future.

    Best wishes on your animation endeavors. It is an impressive industry. I notice continual improvements in the industry, through the matinee movies that I see down here.

    Sincerely yours,

    Erik Magnusson
    Barquisimeto, Venezuela

    • Erik Magnusson says:

      Whoops! I thought this post was going directly to you, not to be published online. Sorry.

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