Festival Submissions and Empty Pockets

Well, I did it. I just applied to a bunch of film festivals. Total submission fees: $630. Yow. Just in case anyone’s interested, below are the festivals I submitted my films to. I submitted I Must Destroy You and Fried Ham, my two most recent films. I mostly looked for local LA-area festivals, European festivals (which often have no entry fee (yay!)), and dedicated animation festivals.

I submitted both films to:

San Fernando Valley International Film Festival

Golden Star Shorts Fest

Silver Lake Film Festival

Starz First Look Student Film Festival

WINNIPEG International Film Festival

Audience Choice Film festival

California International Animation Festival

Edinburgh International Film Festival

Malibu Int’l Film Festival

SouthSide Film Festival

I submitted only I Must Destroy You to:

Faux Film Festival

Beverly Hills Fine Arts Industry Showcase

Hollywood Film Festival

Action/Cut Short Film Competition

SCI-FI-LONDON: The London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film

Now I just have to send out DVDs to all these festivals, making sure to label them all exactly as specified for each festival. That’ll probably be my big task for this evening. Then I’ll take them out tomorrow and get them postmarked (many have a December 31st postmark deadline).

One thought on “Festival Submissions and Empty Pockets

  1. Barbara says:

    Yowzers! If you are accepted at one of those foreign festivals, I guess you can add the price of a round-trip ticket to the cost of entering! Keep us posted on your rejection/acceptance notices! Love, Mom

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