Faux Film Festival

The Faux Film Festival has just posted its list of films that’ll be shown at this year’s event.  It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.  Unfortunately I don’t think I can make it up there, but I want to encourage all my Portland-area friends to go to the festival if they can.  I believe they’ll be putting up a schedule eventually, so you can aim for the night they show my film if you want.

2 thoughts on “Faux Film Festival

  1. Linsel says:

    Does look interesting. I’m suprised that there isn’t more animation in the group. Your’s appears to be among the minority.

  2. Linsel says:

    So, I just got back from the festival, which I attended with both Kevin and Colin. There were some pretty strong entries, including a Mockumentary featuring Daily Show regular Ed Helms, and a slick future vision called Smart Card which clearly had serious production values behind it.
    “I Will Destroy You” stood out as one of the few sci-fi pieces, rather than Horror – the other theme of today’s shorts, It drew a great audience response, especially the triple take on the “hero’s” initial leap. One of only two animated pieces (the other being a funny, but somewhat stiff and slow Computer rendered piece about a woman who kills everything around her) it provided a breath of fresh air in a festival marred by amateur actors woodenly delivering mostly lines.
    I’d never seen the short before, but was really entertained by it. It’s anime-esque content actually caught me by suprise, and I wondered if people who had never met you might consider it the work of one of those anime consuming japan-o-phile fan boys. Just a thought.
    Had a nice connection with your folks too.

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