Empire Uncut Scene 41

I worked at Animax Entertainment for a few months last year, working on Where’s My Water: Swampy’s Underground Adventures. While I was there a few people joined in the fun on Empire Strikes Back Uncut animated scenes. Initially I didn’t think I wanted to take the time to do one myself but I kept thinking about it and eventually I gave in and claimed a scene.

One of my fellow artists at Animax was Vanessa Lindstrom-Maglio. I was impressed with the backgrounds she created for the show. I’ve always hated making backgrounds so I asked if she’d be interested in doing the backgrounds for my Empire Uncut scene. She agreed, and did some fantastic BGs for me.

I’m really happy with how the scene turned out. I’m quite pleased with my character designs and animation, though the Leia design didn’t really live up to what I had in my brain. I had a lot of fun with C-3PO in particular. Nothing like an effeminate robot for a little caricatured motion. It’s so nice when I can pull out a walk cycle that isn’t just the usual old left-right-left-right. Also, check out that awesome lipless lip sync on the rebel guy. Mustache for the win!

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