Demo Reel and CTNX

I thought it would probably be a good idea to post a link to my demo reel on here,  So here it is.  If you’d like to see my latest demo reel, you can see it at:

Happy viewing!

In other news, I attended a whole bunch of CTNX this weekend.  CTNX is an industry event – I suppose you could call it a convention – wherein lots of animation industry people and lots of animation students converge, buy and sell comic books and posters, attend panel discussions, and so on.  It’s really for industry people and those who want to break into the industry, so it shouldn’tr be confused with events like Anime Expo or other fan-oriented conventions.  There was no one there in costume.

It was interesting and fun.  I made connections with a few people who could be good contacts in the future.  One studio head said he really liked my reel and he’d consider hiring me if his studio were looking for animators right now.  So that felt pretty good.

I got the feeling that he was a little surprised to see a reel with professional-looking animation on it, as opposed to the many he must have viewed at CTNX from students.  Not that students can’t have good stuff, but it tends to be a lot more uneven.  And hey, I’m not judging at all! I was there; I know how it is.  It’s so hard to break in, and it’s so hard to get the experience and chops you need in order to break in without already having broken in.  There’s nothing like professional experience to improve your chops.

I also met a few new students and until-recently-students.  Nice people who I wouldn’t mind hanging out with. You know, there’s nothing like hanging out with someone you can talk shop to. In fact, I love going to parties where there will be some of my animation friends, since it means I can talk some shop. 

Speaking of parties, I have a final thought for the day. I believe I got this advice from Tom Sito, animator, teacher, union rabble-rouser: Every industry party you get invited to, GO! It’s all about the networking. I try to keep that in mind too, helping people I know get jobs whenever I can.  I love maintaining those relationships because A) I like doing nice things for people, and B) I figure there’s a good chance it’ll come back my way at some point.

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