Animated Art Brushes

Ooooooh, holy crap! I just had a crazy awesome idea. I’ve been working on my art brush tool, implementing the ideas I laid out in my previous post. It got me thinking about some of the possibilities with the sort of changes I’m making. I could create more tools that expand the possibilities.

Here’s my crazy idea: animated art brushes.

Ahem. Let me put that another way.


Here’s how it would work. An animated brush symbol would be just like a normal brush symbol – all the art would have to be raw shapes on the first layer. The difference is that you could have more than one frame of art on that first layer. The frames could be applied in sequence to subsequent strokes. You’d apply it by selecting a range of frames and running the tool. It would apply the frames of the animated brush to the strokes in those selected frames.

What would you do with such a tool? I leave that up to you, but the possibilities stretch out before us like a gleaming possibility-filled thingamajig.

5 thoughts on “Animated Art Brushes

  1. Adam D says:

    Yes! Please make it happen

  2. James Lee says:

    This would be amazing for special effects. Things like fire, smoke etc.

  3. Jordana says:

    I would defnitely try to do ribbon smoke, particles, such as welding sparks, hair that reacts and splits in the wind. Bubbles of various sorts… That from the top of my head.

    The real sweet deal would be finding an application to animated puppets. I am sure that I could make some tests with that.

  4. Vitaliy says:

    I think that it’s very cool idea.
    I like your artbrush very much, if you do a sort of this extension with some animation possibilities that will give new cool tool for people.

  5. piou says:

    i still waiting

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